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Linear wall fixture available in 48" and 78" long sections.

Customizable with Clear or Frosted lens.

Up-and-down light output make it ideal for many indoor accent lighting applications.

Easily wall mounted and secured in place with set screws. 

Integral power supply. 

Profile Dimensions

Color Rendering:

80-85 high

Average Life:

50,000 hours

Operating Voltage:

120-277 V (built in Lutron Hi-Lume A-series power supply)

More Features

Power Consumption:

84 W (48” long fixture) or 139 W (78” long fixture).

Light Output:

3000K, 3500K, 4100K.


Black, Bronze, Silver or White.


Luminii Made in the USA
Luminii UL
Luminii Dimmable
Luminii IP67 Certification