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Kilo Double

Extruded aluminum linear illumination system available in sections up to 92” long (in standard output).

Available with Clear or Frosted lens with adjustable up and down light output.

Comes with 72” lead wires.

Multiple mounting options allow for flexibility in installation, easily wall mounted and secured with fasteners.


Profile Dimensions

Lumens at 2900K (Clear Lens):

709 to 1083 lum/ft, depending on output

Average Life:

50,000 hours

Operating Voltage:

24 VDC

More Features

Consumption at 4':

13.1W/ft for standard output (SO), 19.4W/ft for medium output (MO) or 20.0W/ft for high output (HO).

Color Temperature:

2700K, 2900K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4100K.


Black, Bronze, Silver, or White.


Ideal for many indoor applications.


Luminii Made in the USA
Luminii UL
Luminii Single Bin
Luminii Dimmable
Luminii IC Rated
Luminii Rohs Compliant
Luminii ADA Certification
Luminii IP67 Certification