At the Speed of Light

When time is of the essence, we’ve got your back with our value-add series of LED strips, channels, and power supplies. Featuring short lead times, Express products are 100% field configurable and have the added benefit of being assembled onsite using our FLEX CONNECT™ system when variables of layout flexibility and when run lengths cannot be determined in advance. 

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Getting Started with Express

shipping time

All Express orders received by 10 am CST will be processed the same day. Orders under 500ft will ship same day if received before 10am CST.


Quantity Processing Time
< 500ft 24 hours
500ft - 2500ft 48-72 hours
> 2500ft Estimated shipping date to be provided within 48 hours

customer service

Our customer service team is here and ready to assist you with any questions related to a pending order or any problems that arise so don’t hesitate to reach out to:

(questions on existing orders)


  • Who is Express designed for?

    Express products were specifically designed to support Electrical Contractors though the line is flexible and can benefit a wide variety of projects at all levels.

  • When should I consider Express for my project?

    Express is a great alternative when timelines are short and run lengths cannot be determined in advance.

  • Are products in the Express line modifiable like your premium product lines?

    Express products are pre-assembled with predetermined lengths and shipped as complete reels. Length options include:

    OAX 15 - 65ft
    OAX 30 - 38ft
    OAX 44 - 25ft

  • Are Express Channels pre-cut?

    All Express Channels come in 7ft lengths.

  • How many PFC/Power feed connectors come with my order?

    Express orders include 10 power feed connectors per any size reel.

  • Are Buttsplice connectors included with my order?

    Butt splice connectors must be ordered separately.

  • What is the auxiliary housing and do I need it?

    Auxiliary housing is used to house the PFC on the smallest channels (0704C and 0706C) while providing a sleek extended end-cap concealing the connector within the channel. Please see installation guide here.

  • Are Express products always in stock?

    Express is always in stock, however for orders over 2500ft, please contact to confirm we can readily support your project.